32-Bit CC3D_BRUSH Brushed Flight Controller for Coreless Tiny Drone


32-Bit  CC3D_BRUSH Brushed Flight Controller for Coreless Tiny Drone



CC3D_BRUSH Brushed flight controller FC for coreless Tiny Quadcopter
Dimension: about 22mm*32.5mm
Thickness: about 1.2mm
Weight: about 3.2g
- Base on Openpilot firmware 32 bit brushed flight controller
- Suppot 1S(4.2V),2S(8.4V)Power supply
Independent design of the circuit structure, comes with booster and buck technology, whether it is 1S or 2S power input, the main port has a 5V (PPM / SBUS receiver use) to pass a 3.3V output (DSM / DSM2 / DSM-X receiver Machine use)
- With large current NMOS tube,working current can be up to 10A
- Support PWM,PPM,SBUS,D SM receiver signal input
- Support coreless motor, include 1020 coreless motor
Receiver configuration as reference:
1. DSM/DSM2/receiver soldered directly to the DSM/DSM2/Receiver interface 3.3V, GND, RX3. Enable Seria_RX for UART3 and Set Receiver mode RX_SERIAL,   Select Spektrum1024(DSM/DSM2) or Spektrum2048() in Raceflight configurator.
2. SBUS receiver welded to the UART1 GND, + 5V, RX1. Then Enable Seria_RX and Set Receiver mode RX_SERIAL , Select Sbus signal in Raceflight configurator.

default voltage is 1S(4.2V), pls disconnect the contact for 1S if you need 2S.
Do not short-circuit the three pads at the same time.