KISS ESC 2-4S 18A v1.2


KISS ESC 2-4S 18A v1.2


- Developed for Multicopter

- 2-4S LiPo capable

- 50-500 Hz input signal (PWM) or oneshot125 (up to 2000 Hz)

- 32Khz PWM Frequenz (noiseless)

- no external Cap (electrolytic capacitor) is necessary **

- 4 layer, thick copper

- Very small dimensions (12 x 24 mm)

- Weight 2g

- Precision speed control (about 950 steps)

- Adaptive Auto Timing

- 32Khz PWM Frequenz (noiseless)

- fast reacting gas change

- linear throttle response

- Active freewheeling enabled (little diode losses resulting in higher efficiency)

- Regenerative braking, therefore quick throttle response when decelerate (the ESC uses active freewheeling and regenerative braking, 2 independent features which relates to each other in different working states)

- very fast FET switching through the use of special gate drivers

- Minimal dead time, setted adaptive

- Status LED

- JP1 open: Low Pass Filter - ON

- JP1 closed: Low Pass Filter - OFF

- JP2 open: Motor rotates in one direction

- JP2 closed: Motor rotates in the other direction

(**) For very long LiPo power lines (more than 20cm) or to smooth out the supply, a 100 - 220uF Low ESR capacitor can be attached to the Lipo power pads.

Be aware: ESC is part of complete setup, please keep your FC settings and Motor/Prop/LiPo combination within ESC specification, otherwise the ESC can be damaged.

This Device is ESD sensitive, take precautions in any way, this is no "your coffee is hot warning", its physics we can't avoid, the smaller electronic becomes, the more ESD sensitive it is.

Read the Wiki section for Electrostatic Discharge before soldering.

Download Kiss 12A-18A Manual